FaceMasks, Uniforms, and Other Personal Protective Equipment Available For Immediate Shipment

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Boston Strategies International is making personal protective supplies available for immediate release for bonafide institutions dealing with coronavirus cases. For inquiries, contact us.

Hospital Equipment (Ventilators, Respirators, etc.) Available For Immediate Shipment

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Boston Strategies International is making ventilators and respiratory equipment available for immediate release for bonafide institutions dealing with coronavirus cases. For inquiries, contact us.

Procuring in a Shortage Environment Like Coronavirus (COVID-19) – How to Get What You Need

If you are affected by shortages of supplies, equipment, and pharmaceutical products due to the coronavirus, remember these 8 strategies. Each one is harder to implement than it sounds, especially when important decisions are made upstream or downstream in the supply chain and seemingly not in your control:
1. Reduce unnecessary consumption (waste)
2. Renegotiate prices (offset higher prices with lower costs)
3. Buy from multiple sources (to have backup options)
4. Join a buying group or co-op (or form one)
5. Buy options on future inventory (or reserve capacity)
6. Reserve capacity at suppliers (for a price)
7. Stockpile (build inventory)
8. Offer suppliers long-term supply contracts

Boston Strategies International has each of these many times before at both large and small scale, and can effectively implement or advocate for you during this challenging time.

BSI expands to include Capital Project Management

BSI offers end-to-end capital budgeting and capital project management, encompassing Cost Benchmarking and Estimating, Value Chain Engineering, Tender Design and Management, Contract Negotiation, Ongoing Capital Project Market Analysis & Monitoring, and Project Management.


BSI offers Major Capital Project (MCP) cost estimates based on Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and benchmarks. We verify and validate by benchmarking the projects against similar projects, and by “fitting” the cost of major components (such as hydrocracking reactors) to the specific engineering requirements of each project based on our proprietary “price cubes.” Learn More


For buyers, effective supply chain management should make operations more agile and less costly. BSI has literally “written the book” on methods and techniques to reduce cost and improve quality simultaneously by acting on the end-to-end supply chain. For suppliers, value chain design should result in delighted customers, marketing flexibility, and enhanced innovation and speed to market. Learn More


Boston Strategies International offers Project Management Consulting (PMC) services to energy and industrial projects. Our end-to-end project management assures thorough, accurate and reliable project management, assuring on-time and on-budget project execution. Learn More


Major capital projects, especially those on a larger scale than have been realized in the past, necessarily involve close coordination with likely suppliers, which complicates bidding and rules out the conventional approach of sending a full package of specifications to numerous bidders and choosing the lowest bid. The process involves dialogue and pre-qualification. Learn More


A thorough negotiating strategy can make the difference between an agreement that falls apart and a long-lasting and profitable relationship. BSI assists buyers and suppliers in negotiating thorough and comprehensive win-win agreements that survive the duration of the contract term and into multiple renewals. Learn More


Supply managers make assumptions about the future of supply markets every time they contract with suppliers, or choose not to. Understanding the outlook for key variables of a capital equipment supply market, such as lead time, capacity, price, and market competitiveness, is critical to deciding the right price and contract term.  Learn More

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BSI Expands Regulatory Impact Analysis Consulting to Include Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

BSI is pleased to announce that we have expanded our Regulatory Impact Analysis service line to include reliable environmental and social impact assessments that improve the effectiveness of stakeholder Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) analysis and communications. Our net positive analysis demonstrates the costs and benefits of environmental decisions to provide a transparent picture of performance for investors and shareholders. Learn more about our ESG Data Solution.

For decades, BSI has leveraged its proprietary economic models and frameworks to advise Departments and Ministries of Finance, Economy, Industry, and related governmental agencies in the formulation of national and sectoral energy, tax, subsidy, and investment promotion policies. Our experience across all aspects of industrial value chains, combined with our strength in economic analysis, provides clients with robust and trustworthy roadmaps for growth.

BSI is also a leading source for analysis of the economic and fiscal impact of energy policies such as carbon pricing, GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions standards, industrial air pollution standards, low-carbon fuel standards, Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS), power generation efficiency, renewable energy tax credits, and tradeable energy certificates. As a Gold member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we are active in building organizational capacity for Environmental, Social & Governance goals across private and public sector institutions.

BSI pioneered the field of supply chain economics, having developed many of the analytical and economic methods in the early 2000s. We have used our actual experience with sourcing and supply chain optimization projects to develop accurate coefficients and multipliers for modeling the value chain impacts of investment, sales, and pricing scenarios.

We have also developed supply chain taxonomies that have been used in policy-making to quantify the impact of policy scenarios on different types of companies. Our expert policy analysis team uses these constructs to provide sound and compelling policy advice to governments worldwide.


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Electrify Europe Conference and Exhibition in Vienna

David Jacoby, President of BSI Energy Finance, will be speaking in Vienna on June 20th at the Electrify Europe conference and exhibition.

Electrify Europe is the world’s first event dedicated to the convergence underway between the power generation and transmission & distribution sectors, driven by digitalization, decarbonization, decentralization and electrification.

He will explain the role that venture capital, private equity, and mergers & acquisitions will play in redefining business models and reshaping the competitive landscape of power generation.

He will be speaking alongside moderator Emmanouil Kakaras, Head of Department Innovation & New Products for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH, and Pete Davies, VP, Digital Engineering Solutions for Uniper.

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18th Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in San Diego

David Jacoby will be addressing the opening plenary session of the 18th Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in San Diego on June 4th. His address, Navigating the Landscape of Structuring Partnership Agreements, will provide examples of merger, acquisition, and alliance agreement structures that balance risk and reward for all parties.

Venture capital is an integral part of the development of new technologies. The Automotive Partnering Summit is designed for CEOs and CFOs interested in developing partnerships on the path to automotive commercialization, from sensors and software in autonomous cars to advanced battery packs and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The panel discussions will provide insight into what VCs look for in funding companies and strategies for business development and individual presentations will showcase the latest technologies from early-stage companies seeking funds. In addition to presentations and panel discussions, the symposium is also designed to provide opportunities for one-on-one meetings that will allow for in-depth conversations and next-steps.


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BSI Announces Publication of Landmark Book on Sustainable Supply Chains

BSI President David Jacoby has written another thought-provoking book on supply chain management, The High Cost of Low Prices: A Roadmap to Sustainable Prosperity.

Learn the secrets of international supply chains for familiar products such as coffee, bottled water, gasoline, and electronic devices, and how government policies and business norms around the world have evolved to allow practices that sometimes tolerate or even condone environmental and social mistreatment.

This book directly addresses complex and controversial issues like climate change, carbon taxes, fracking, offshoring, urban sprawl, globalization, income inequality, regulation, corruption, compliance and enforcement, providing an informed basis for mapping the way forward. Rich in facts and deep with first-hand experiences from around the world, Jacoby challenges embedded thinking about growth and progress, convenience, comfort, and quality of life. 

The book proposes a bold and realistic new policy framework that is ground-breaking and achievable for industry, government, and consumers, and supports the plan with achievable metrics, targets, and accountabilities.



You may be chosen to receive a complimentary copy of the published book in exchange for an endorsement. As an endorser, you will need to review the book’s contents and then complete, sign, and submit an endorsement form. The form needs to include your name, title, and affiliation, exactly as you would like this identifying information to appear beneath your endorsement. If you’re interested, click here and we will be in touch with you.

BSI Completes Comparison of Renewable Energy Economics

Boston Strategies International (BSI) recently completed a study of renewable energy costs and value chains for a branch of the Mexican government’s Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático (National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change). BSI compared the costs and value added of environmentally sustainable technologies for the power generation sector (large scale solar, wind and geothermal, vs combined cycle natural gas technology) to support decision-making in environmental mitigation. The study analyzed the principal actors, elements and processes, as well as costs, value added, and barriers to entry attributable to each segment of the value chain, as inputs to energy policy formulation.


The Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático (INECC) produces valuable scientific and technical information on environmental issues and the training of human resources, in order to inform society, support decision making, encourage the protection of the environment, promote the sustainable use of natural resources, and support the Mexican Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources in reading its goals. It aims to be a leader agency in applied environmental research, that develops and promotes scientific cooperation projects that contribute effectively to resolve the major environmental problems of Mexico, and support the conservation and restoration of the environment in the whole country.

Boston Strategies International is a consultancy that compresses lead time and reduces cost in gas, oil, and renewable power supply chains. Clients typically hire us to cope with legislative reform, technologically challenging projects, cost over-runs, strategic diversification, and major capital programs. We build ongoing project management competency and leadership by transferring our knowledge, analytical tools, and data to in-house staff during every engagement.

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BSI Shares Market Outlook for Solar PV

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Boston Strategies International’s President Mr. David Jacoby Shared BSI’s Analysis of the Solar PV Market at the SNEC Conference in Shanghai, China on April 17-21, 2017.

solar pv images

The SNEC Scientific Conference provided an excellent platform for the world’s PV experts and scientists to showcase and share the latest developments in solar energy technologies.

The conference programme encompassed a wide scope of PV technologies, ranging from silicon feedstock, PV materials, cells, modules, systems and quality assurance to smart grid technologies. The world’s top PV scientists along with CTOs from leading PV companies have been invited to join the International Scientific Committee as well as presenting on the cutting-edge technologies of solar energy at the conference.

Boston Strategies International’s President Mr. David Jacoby’s presentation on “Market Outlook for Solar PV” provided detailed insights about the long-term demand growth outlook for Solar PV and the world’s solar markets.

In his presentation Mr. Jacoby emphasized that cumulative global market for solar PV expected to triple by 2020 to almost 700 gigawatts, with annual demand eclipsing 100 gigawatts in 2019. According to the analysis, the bulk of the growth will occur in a small number of markets. While 8 countries might each add over 10 GW, 4 markets – China, US, Indian and Japan – are supposed to add over 20 GW, and China could exceed the 100 GW level in the High Scenario.

global market for solar PV

David at SNEC ShanghaiDavid also emphasised that Solar power as the lowest-cost renewable energy can provide enough clean power generation in time to meet the ambitious Paris Climate Summit targets. Utility-scale systems and rooftop systems will each have roughly half of the global market.

Rooftop systems are currently more expensive but the value of electricity delivered on consumption sites or nearby is greater.

However, as PV expansion is driven more and more by self consumption – the use of PV electricity directly at the same site where it is generated – grids may carry smaller amounts of traded electricity, raising concerns over how to recover the fixed costs of grids.


solar pv europe

SNEC solar PV conference

Mr. Jacoby explained how the global market for solar PV will no longer be Europe-centric and large solar markets in Asia are booming. China and Japan are leading the growth curve for the solar PV market and energy storage solutions will unleash latent growth in Latin America, Middle East and India.

He also discussed about the increasing rates of penetration for rooftop solar. According to BSI’s research, since the demand growth is coming mainly from emerging markets where utility-scale PV is currently the preferred application, this solar segment will continue its lead over the next 5 years.

He summed up by forecasting that energy storage solutions and emerging market potential promise long-term profitability for the industry.

To access David’s full SNEC 2017 presentation “Market Outlook for Solar PV” with detailed charts and analysis kindly buy it using this link.


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