BSI values sustainability. We pursue the goal of no harm to people, and we aim to protect the environment, and have taken steps to begin reporting its own social and environmental performance.We regularly measure, manage, and report on our goals of:

  • Minimizing our carbon and environmental footprint as embodied in ISO 14001 standards
  • Minimizing our negative externalities as identified in the UN Global Compact and the SA8000 standard

This year we published our carbon footprint results as the first step in the direction of global reporting. Over time we intend to expand our reporting to include social and human impact



BSI is committed to the principles and practices of ISO 14001, as well as of the Carbon Disclosure Project. Accordingly, BSI embeds the following practices in our workplace.

  1. An environmental policy supported by senior management;
  2. The identification of environmental aspects and impacts, and the identification of significant environmental impacts that the organization may cause;
  3. Identification of environmental compliance requirements;
  4. The development of objectives and targets, and their environmental management programs;
  5. Defined resources, roles, responsibilities and authorities for environmental management;
  6. The development of competence, training and awareness procedures;
  7. A communication process of the Environmental Management System (EMS) to all stakeholders and interested parties;
  8. The development of EMS documentation as required by the standard;
  9. The development of document control procedures;
  10. The development of operational control procedures;
  11. The development of emergency preparedness and response procedures;
  12. The development of procedures to monitor and measure operations that can have significant impact to the environment;
  13. An evaluation of compliance procedure;
  14. Procedures developed for the management of nonconformance, corrective and preventative actions;
  15. The development of a records management procedure;
  16. A program for completing internal EMS audits and corrective actions; and
  17. The development of procedures for management review by senior management.
  18. Reporting of carbon footprint
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