Your BSI engagement experience will benefit from the traditions and best practices developed by BSI teams over decades. This includes our well-established system of Values, our Culture, our internal Processes, and our day-to-day style.

Our Values.

Clients come first. You are our number one priority. In addition, we are goal-oriented and we value structure, discipline, clear logic, and consistency in achieving those goals. During engagements, We provide the Clarity, Objectivity, Relevance, Impact (CORI) of every engagement:

  • Clarity of thinking, writing, and presentation
  • Objectivity of project goals, methodological approach, and recommendations
  • Relevance of our recommendations and conclusions to your situation
  • Impact of the project in helping you achieve your goals and objectives

Our Culture.

Our day-to-day culture stems from our core values and enables us to perform creatively and productively, day in and day out, year in and year out. We are:

  • Respectful for individual needs, interests, and differences
  • Inclusive of people with a range of capabilities, talents, and views
  • Passionate about excellent and pioneering contributions to our work
  • Dedicated to the highest standard of quality

Our Style.

Our team is cohesive and consistent in the way it works together and with clients. We are:

  • Professional in our presentation and communications
  • Courteous of differing work practices and norms
  • Intellectually bold, pushing the edge of conventional thinking
  • Eager to go above and beyond the stated requirements

Our Process.

We work collaboratively with your team, transferring our knowledge to your team through every engagement. Although the structure of your engagement will be tailored to your needs, you can expect an interactive experience characterized by five basic steps:

  • Meeting to understand your objectives
  • Assembly or gathering the necessary data
  • Analysis and optimization using our proven models
  • Development of a plan to achieve breakthrough benefits
  • Implementation of the solution with your team

Our Controls.

Rest assured with the confidence that BSI projects are backed up by strong project management controls, based on:

  • Seasoned project management personnel
  • Tried and proven project management systems
  • Tested procedures and protocols
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