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BSI is committed to pursue the goal of no harm to people, protect the environment, manage Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) matters as a critical business activity, and promote a culture in which all employees share this commitment.

In this way we aim to have an HSE performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence of customers, shareholders and society at large, to be a good neighbor, and to contribute to sustainable development.


It is our intent to demonstrate an ongoing and determined commitment to improving health and safety at work of all our people and any other people who may be affected by our activities. We will comply with the requirements of health and safety legislation and lead industry by promoting best practice. We commit to ensuring that health and safety at work is paramount to our business, and that effective health and safety actively contributes to our success.

Our goal is for all our staff and stakeholders to be aware of and understand health and safety issues.

  • The policy is communicated to our staff, sub-contractors and stakeholders.
  • Health and safety principles are embedded in our communications wherever appropriate.
  • Roles and responsibilities for health, safety and environmental procedures are clearly defined in the company’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Our goal is to be compliant with local legislation wherever we work, and for our people to be empowered to minimise health and safety risks in their work environment.

  • We provide adequate resources for health and safety, including performance monitoring and assessment against published objectives and targets.
  • We will report and investigate accidents, incidents and near misses and draw lessons learned from such events, take corrective action, and ultimately prevent recurrences.
  • We will implement management systems to ensure we comply with local health and safety legislation
  • We will engage and collaborate with our sub-contractors to ensure that their health and safety, and environmental capability and competence are consistent with regulations.

Our goal is for BSI to achieve not only local compliance but global stewardship in health, safety, and environmental management.

  • In accordance with our leadership in global EHS practices, we have adopted the principles of BS8800 and OHSAS18001 / ISO 14001.
  • We ensure the health and safety competence of our sub-contractors.
  • Our HSE policy is reviewed and amended, as necessary and at least on an annual basis, with the goal of meeting and exceeding emerging requirements and expectations in HSE worldwide.

Delivering our policy

We ensure reliable execution of the HSE policy by generating a culture that does not tolerate threats to health and safety; and by ensuring the engagement of our staff, subcontractors and stakeholders

Our Commitment to OHSAS 18001

BSI is committed to the principles and practices of OHSAS 18001. We have determined that certain components of OHSAS 18001 are particularly relevant to our work, and have accordingly embedding the following practices in our workplace.

  1. Active and documented health and safety management
  2. Training in health and safety management
  3. Risk assessment in health and safety management
  4. ‘Good housekeeping’ practices that prevent accidents and minimize risks
  5. Compliance to local, regional, national, and international health and safety regulations
  6. Incident and accident tracking and reporting
  7. Policy of no (illegal) drugs or alcohol in the workplace
  8. Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  9. Clear and documented emergency procedures.
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