Go-To-Market Strategies

Market strategies for battery, hydrogen, carbon capture, and related infrastructure — for investors

Tap the expertise of our supply chain specialists

Supply Chain Design

Knowing the supply chain configuration at the other end of the world allows you to define game-changing R&D, production, and distribution configurations. For rapidly changing energy technologies, Boston Strategies analyzes, and provides guidance for optimizing each stage of the supply chain from extraction to consumption, and eventually, disposal.

“Should-Cost” Studies

Our should-cost studies allow you to set target cost levels in markets with rapidly changing global economies of scale. Our database of comparative international cost levels allows you to pinpoint the lowest-cost global value chains, and our 12-step strategic sourcing "ladder" allows you to ratchet down total supply chain costs to the levels paid by global industry leaders.



Boston Strategies is a trusted adviser on supply chain-related aspects of acquisitions, including due diligence and negotiations. Whether you want to enhance the value of your business, evaluate potential partners, or close a partnership, joint venture or acquisition deal, we bring the full toolbox to help you make the best possible decision.

Our Approach Works


13% reduction vs. baseline cost with 5 key suppliers

Minimized supply risks

Internal alignment around critical financial commitments

*Potential benefits identified on work in scope

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