PowerGen International

Orlando, FL USA

As the World's Largest Power Generation Event, POWER-GEN International is the industry leader in providing comprehensive coverage of the trends, technologies and issues facing the generation sector. More than 1,400 companies from all sectors of the industry exhibit each year to benefit from the exposure to more than 20,000 attendees. Displaying a wide variety of […]

APICS Debate on Tariffs

Hilton Boston/Woburn 2 Forbes Rd., Woburn, MA

David S. Jacoby, CTL, CEP, CFPIM, CSCP, CIRM, C.P.M., President of Boston Strategies International, squared off against Mark Chockalingam, MBA, Ph.D., and Founder & President of DemandPlanning.Net, in a debate on US tariffs. One debater argued that China has been gaming the world trade system for decades and that it has built its current dominant position based […]

Trends in Trade and Globalization

New York New York, NY

David Steven Jacoby, author of Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization, will explain the causes of today's stresses on the world trading system, and, with consideration for the pros and cons of various directions that have been proposed by politicians and economists, he will summarize the three scenarios evaluated in his book, outline the […]

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Work, and What it Means for You

New York New York, NY

This session will explore how AI is changing the future of work. How are companies capitalizing on AI trends? How will this change the way we work? What does this mean for you on individual level? Nobody is immune from the impact, and it will happen sooner than you think. David S. Jacoby, President of Boston Strategies International, […]

Smart Cities: Vision for Manhattan

New York New York, NY

Can cities be designed for sustainability and environmental impact? This session will explore the impact that electrification, e-mobility, and self-driving cars will have on Manhattan, and when it is likely to occur. David S. Jacoby, President of Boston Strategies International, will moderate this event.

Achieving Breakthrough Success in the Global Lithium-Ion Battery Value Chain

Hotel del Coronado 1500 Orange Avenue, San Diego, CA

Scaling a battery venture often depends on strong strategic and financial partnerships. How can you tap into value chains that maximize the value of your product or solution and successfully negotiate strategic partnerships in that channel? David S. Jacoby, President of Boston Strategies International, will present case studies of extended value chain strategies and the […]

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Management

New York New York, NY

It’s widely believed that artificial intelligence (AI) will displace jobs, but building supplier networks will create exciting jobs in algorithm development, hub network architecture design, communication standards engineering, and smart contract programming, especially in the early stages. In this session participants will learn 1) how to distinguish between digitalization and AI, 2) how AI can […]

Climate Change: How is it Changing Your Business and Investing Decisions?

New York New York, NY

Climate change is at the top of the agenda nearly everywhere. How are you changing the way you run your business? The way you invest? Your lifestyle choices? This interactive workshop involving top business executives and government leaders will help align policy with business decisions.

Critical Success Factors When Implementing Industrial IoT Projects

New York New York, NY

Zoom Panel discussion on the critical success factors when implementing industrial IoT/ industry 4.0 projects. This is an interdisciplinary panel discussion with IoT executives from Fortune 100 Companies, Consulting Companies, Professors and Investors on the specific challenges and business models for industry 4.0 implementations. Questions that will be covered in panel discussion: 1.) What are […]