Some in-place gaseous hydrocarbons contain high levels of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, and are consequently non-saleable. Leveraging our track record of analyzing complex technologies and our ability to evaluate technical challenges from a business perspective, BSI investigated approaches to local (in the oil or gas field) processing and economic recovery. For one client, our multi-disciplinary team of reservoir engineers, chemists, and energy economists:
  • Evaluated technologies such as membranes, nanotechnology, adsorption, absorption, and biological methods
  • Considered applications such as Claus+ improvements, pre-extraction, sub-quality gas power generation, nitrogen separation, and bio-desulfurization
  • Quantified benefits such as capital cost reduction, operating cost reduction, processing yield, quality, and operating reliability
We have analyzed the commercial potential for residual oil, angled solar, and tangential wind power using similar methodologies. The resulting case study is listed below:
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