David Steven Jacoby, President of Boston Strategies International(BSI), was interviewed by Mexico Energy Review a few months ago.

In this interview, he made a few points:

  • BSI’s greatest strengths according to its renewable power-generation clients
  • How can developers craft profitable projects with decreasing package prices in the long-term electricity auctions
  • Where is the fine line between cost reduction and optimal long-term performance in renewable energy
  • What are the prevalent regulatory hurdles our clients face when setting up shop in Mexico

Boston Strategies International conducts scientific research, technical feasibility studies, and commercial due diligence evaluations that help oil, gas, power and natural resource companies profitably transition to clean energy and e-mobility.

Here are some examples of our ongoing consulting engagements:

Scientific Research

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: Innovative High-Performance Chemistries
  • Fuel Cell Electric Buses: Hydrogen Refilling Network Logistics
  • Air Transport: Bio Jet Fuel Production Routes

Feasibility Studies

  • Commercial Potential of Specialty Alloys in an Oil & Gas Line Pipeline Project
  • Capacity Adequacy of Critical Long Lead Time Equipment for an Oil & Gas Mega-Project
  • Economic Viability of a Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project

Commercial Due Diligence

  • Valuation and Financial, Commercial, and Tax Due Diligence Related to the Acquisition of a State-Owned Enterprise
  • Availability of Direct Payment Line of Credit (DPLC) Financing for a Bioethanol Project
  • M&A Strategy for a Solar Panel Technology Company

We welcome collaboration on any of them. Click here to express an interest.

BSI Works For:

National Oil & Gas Companies such as Saudi Aramco, PDVSA, CNPC, and Gazprom
International Oil & Gas Companies such as BP, Total, and Novatek

Learn More About Our Services:
Scientific Research
Feasibility Studies
Commercial Due Diligence

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