Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply Chain Sustainability

Give your brand a lift by being the voice of sustainability through your extended supply chain with our easy-to-deploy SaaS product.

  1. Flip the switch on our product: 30% of your suppliers are already in our network

  2. Drop our templates into your existing procurement process using (“1 hour”)

  3. Bask in your success: 70% of your suppliers will become more sustainable within 6 months

Switch on our SaaS product

Ratings of your global trading partners

  • 75,000 companies

  • 200 industries

  • 160 countries

Based on our global scorecard of 21 sustainability criteria in 4 categories

  • Environment

  • Labor & Human Rights

  • Ethics

  • Sustainable Procurement

Drop our templates into your existing procurement process

  • For onboarding new suppliers

  • For RFP scoring and awarding

  • For contracting

  • For ordering

  • For Supplier Relationship & Risk Management

Become a success story

  • Monitor your progress with our dashboard

  • Share your sustainability improvements with others

  • Aim higher: Engage your team in setting risk and performance goals

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Supply Chain Sustainability

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