Supply Chain Execution Capability Assessments

Boston Strategies International Helps You Address Challenges Like These…

  • Raw material shortages

  • Unstable component supply

  • Shipping capacity imbalances

  • Captive supply chains

  • Bottleneck delivery schedules for capital projects

  • Rare earth shortages

  • Uncertain future demand

  • Cyber attacks

  • Microchip shortages

  • Regional and model demand imbalances

…Enabling You to Respond to Global Supply and Demand Disruptions in Real-time…

Take control over disruptive events across your supply chain with a real-time view of your entire business ecosystem. Gain insights into supply chain risks and strategic opportunities. And collaborate across company boundaries.

  • Integrated Business Planning Command & Control Center
  • Supply / Demand Planning
  • Inventory Management

    …and Reconfigure Global Supply Chain Operations on the Fly.

    Identify and respond to supply and demand imbalances with an integrated supply chain command and control center. Maximize production and distribution opportunities, minimize risk and keep your business profitable in today’s volatile environment. Set financial targets. Measure progress.

    Align Supply and Demand from a Dashboard

    Gain continuous visibility into demand. Know whether  you can supply orders. Assess the impact of capacity constraints and changing lead times.

    Optimize Inventory and Reduce Stockouts

    Simulate changes to inventory policies

    Make smart trade-offs between on-time delivery, revenue risk and inventory

    Drive costs down

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