For Challenges Like These…


  • Refinery Power Usage


  • Curtailment Monetization


  • Automated Electricity Trading


  • Smart Load Management

Plug in our Patented Energy Management System.

  • Senses usage by load center in real-time
  • Optimizes load center charge/discharge rates in real time
  • Optional battery storage
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) modeling
  • Architecture options for TCP/IP Network or Cloud-Based Application

Monetize Flexible Capacity Through Trading.

  • 40% more revenue per battery than regular battery storage projects
  • 20x reduction in payback for battery storage projects
  • Comply with EU Energy Efficiency Directive
  • Conform to ISO 50001 – Energy Management

Profit Confidently From Our Proven Track Record.

  • 150 factories/load centers
  • 2.5+ GW under management
  • 15+ name-brand customers
  • Europe, Asia, and the United States

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