David Steven Jacoby

David, with more than 30 years of strategy and operations consulting has extensive experience in building supply chains for all industries, with a specialization in electric vehicles & batteries, energy storage and energy management systems, petroleum, and natural resources.  He is the CEO of Boston Strategies International and the author of  six books including “Reinventing the Energy Value Chain.”  He leads operations and supply chain projects at energy, transport, and industrial companies such as BP, Aramco, BASF, Alcoa, Iberdrola, Vattenfall, FedEx, UPS, CSX, Maersk, Iron Mountain, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, and Raytheon, and for equity investors in related projects. He teaches operations and supply chain management at NYU and is a Senior Fellow at Boston University.

For more information visit his website at davidsteven.us.

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