David Steven Jacoby

David, with more than 30 years of strategy and operations consulting is the driving force in establishing the unique RevchainTM.  He has extensive experience in helping build carbon-neutral supply chains by defining and managing technology programs related to energy, including electric vehicles & batteries, hydrogen and fuel cell networks, energy storage and energy management systems, and petroleum, rare earths and other minerals.  He is CEO of Boston Strategies International, parent company of RevchainTM and co-author of “Reinventing the Energy Value Chain”, his sixth book.  His clients ranged from many different industries including the likes of Saudi Aramco, Iberdrola as well as distributors, service providers such as Avaya, Wood Group and retailers such as Sears and Galeries Lafayette as well as governments, banks, and NGOs. He is a Senior Fellow at Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy.

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