BSI Expands to Include Equity and Debt Financing Services

BSI has recently expanded its offering to include services related to Private Equity, Debt & Project Financing, and Venture Capital. BSI’s new Portfolio Management and Financing services now include:

  • M&A Advisory & Due Diligence
  • Private Equity Services
  • Debt & Project Finance
  • Venture Capital

M&A Advisory & Due Diligence

BSI is a trusted adviser on merger & acquisition strategies, due diligence, and negotiations. We maximize valuation by identifying and negotiating the optimal joint venture and alliance partnerships. For example, we are assisting a Bahraini financial institution form a joint venture with a Chinese manufacturer, and a Chinese government agency form a joint venture with an American organization in China.


Private Equity Advisory Services

BSI now offers Private Equity advisory services. We are working on transactions such as:

  • $150 million for a high-technology electric vehicle component manufacturer
  • $100 million for a metal fabrication plant in China
  • $100 million for a windfarm + Solar + LNG CHP company in China

Debt & Project Finance Advisory Services

BSI now offers Debt & Project Financing services. Sample transactions include:

  • $500 million for an LNG pipeline
  • $150 million for a high-technology manufacturing zone
  • $100 million for a solar park
  • $65 million for a hydropower project
  • $40 million for a windfarm

Venture Capital Advisory Services

BSI now offers Venture Capital Advisory services, which include deals such as a $15 million Series B round for a “smart farming” venture in China.

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