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BSI President David Jacoby has written another thought-provoking book: 
Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization.
The book, which provides a roadmap for mature industrialized countries to participate in balanced growth. The book:
  • Explains the reasons behind current populist trends around the world.
  • Identifies the challenges and failures of globalization.
  • Profiles countries that have developed under different trade frameworks.
  • Assesses models of isolationism and protectionism.
  • Delivers a policy prescription for a new global trade order.

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“Globalization is the most contested topic of our time. Jacoby tees up the right questions, and his analysis and conclusions about trade and globalization are insightful, important, and timely.”
Dr. Mauro F. GuillénDirector of The Lauder Institute and Professor of Management at The Wharton School

“The scenarios, which are interesting and present some polar positions of where the world could go, emphasize important policy decisions which could have major consequences for the US’s place in the world and its economic prospects.” 
Scott Livermore
COO, Oxford Economics

“David Jacoby’s experience in international business and his insights into the politics and social realities of trade make this book credible and interesting. His assessment of the future role of multilateral trade institutions and regional trade agreements makes sense, and with proper negotiation and implementation, the “new multilateralism” that he outlines can create sustained and balanced economic growth.”
Dr. Oliver Massmann
General Director of Duane Morris LLC

“Jacoby’s analysis of the differing East and West trade experiences rings true based on my 21 years in China. This book offers an intelligent discussion on a new approach to global trade.”
Mike Silva
President of Maison Global

This book skillfully ties together today’s headline economic and trade issues with complex political and social challenges. Jacoby’s analysis of today’s globalization puzzles leads to a clearly presented vision for a prosperous new trade paradigm that can drive sustained global growth. He demonstrates convincingly how investments in infrastructure, education and technology, combined with cost-effective health care and public policies can benefit knowledge-based economies in a global setting.” 
Dan Hodge
Principal of Hodge Economic Consulting

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