Blockchain brings benefits of security, transaction history, and authentication to many industries and applications. For high-value and safety-critical or health-critical goods, it offers assurance of product history throughout the life cycle. For monetary transactions, if offers a hedge against credit risk, and cost savings through potential elimination of intermediary banking services and actors.

In energy, including e-mobility and many other green applications, blockchain offers many possibilities for building new and innovative supply chains. For example:

  • Authenticating that providers of “green energy” are indeed low-carbon
  • Registering non-traditional power producers, such as retail and commercial businesses and private residential customers
  • Facilitating microgrid transactions and payments efficiently and cheaply
  • Preventing hackers from getting the credentials they would need to access grid resources
  • Bookkeeping for electric vehicle battery-to-grid transactions at charging nodes

BSI works with technology providers and users at all levels to determine whether blockchain is the right architecture for them, and how to implement it.

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