Tracking & Tracing Solutions

Location-based services (LBS) present opportunities for customization and personalization of services as well as gains in time, speed, and safety. Connected and self-driving vehicles, automated traffic control systems, variable speed limits, and dynamic traffic signaling are just some of the potential results. The substrate to many of these potential applications is geolocation tagging, tracking, and data mining.

BSI has worked with both the purveyors and the consumers of geomapping, tracking, and tracing technologies to define architecture and data governance systems, select technologies and vendors, conduct pilot programs, and implement full-scale rollouts. Our experience covers, for example:

  • Mobile data capture
  • Personalization of consumer experiences
  • Delivery vehicle and route tracking, tracing, and optimization
  • Car, truck, rail, and pipeline fleet management and maintenance applications
  • Grid infrastructure investments and related policies
  • Drones in all applications

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