Scientific Research

For Challenges Like These…


  • Which fuel cell chemistries will prevail for which applications?
  • How can hydrogen by efficiently transported and stored?
  • How much do electrolyzer costs need to decrease?


  • Can wind + storage work without fossil-fired peaker plants?
  • Are there still valid safety concerns with floating wind?
  • What are the technical challenges with solar roof tiles?


  • Which battery recycling methods are the most commercially viable?
  • Which energy storage technologies will be most used by power generating utilities?


  • Will solid state batteries reshape EV market dynamics?
  • Will solar-powered cars or trucks be commercially successful?
  • What are the cyber security challenges of autonomous vehicles?

BSI provides Scientific Research, including R&D Research and Benchmarks, Technology Modeling & Forecasting, and Application Requirements Studies. 

Turn our expertise into tangible results. 

R&D Research and Benchmarks

For Technical and Engineering department heads, our world-class engineering specialists study the state of academic and pre-published work on your mission-critical topics. We also assess emerging technologies at the pre-commercial, pilot test, and commercialized stages. The combined short and long-term outlooks allow you to understand the pipeline for your technology over an extended period so you can adapt your intellectual property strategy, deploy early-stage game-changing technology, and design a long-term development program or technology acquisition strategy.

Technology Modeling & Forecasting

Understanding the outlook for key attributes of a technology, such as the technical performance of alternative chemical formulations or compression ratios, is critical to deciding the right product development strategy. At BSI, we use our proprietary technical and market modeling tools to produce technical performance data you can count on.

Application Requirements Studies

What is the market size, value, and price point for your product or solution in certain industries and applications? Which are the key customers you should be targeting, and what would are their unique technical requirements? BSI’s application requirements studies enable you to focus and tailor your solution to the needs of the set of customer applications that can maximize your profit potential, return on investment, and even company valuation.

Our Approach Works


28% Reduction in Capital Cost

7% Increase in Return on Assets

10% Increase in Pre-IPO Valuation

*Potential benefits identified on work in scope

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