Robotics, Automation & Industrial Systems – old

Robotic assembly and distribution are changing the game in in manufacturing and supply chain logistics. Large companies can take advantage of robotics to achieve “lights-out” manufacturing, with no labor. Small companies can take advantage of lower-cost, universal, robots to build the same or better products as large companies. This trend will continue.

BSI can help you determine whether robotic automation makes sense for you, and which technology and provider to use. We leverage our experience across a wide range of manufacturing, assembly, and distribution operations to properly assess the economics and operational advantages and implications of automation.

Our experience covers, for example:

  • OEM and equipment manufacturing and assembly in the auto, electrical equipment, and hundreds of other industries
  • Mass customized production and distribution of all sorts of components and products
  • Warehousing, sort center, and pick-pack-ship operations
  • Shipping, transport, and terminal handling operations


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