BSI’s strategic planning engagements help suppliers identify and pursue lucrative markets that are aligned with their core strengths, and propel you to the next financial event. Our services include:

  • Business & Marketing Strategies
  • Technology Strategies
  • Digital Transformation
  • Private Equity investment advisory
  • Venture Capital oversight and evaluation
  • M&A Advisory
  • Due Diligence


BSI helps you design a winning supply chain that achieves the scale needed to compete, and reaches the most advantageous and cost-effective suppliers, wherever they may be. In today’s EV/e-mobility and energy markets, many large supply chains originate in Asia and end in Europe or the Americas. Solar PV, battery raw and active materials, electronic components, housing and frames, etc. BSI has been deep into these markets since the 1990s, and has deep databases of suppliers based on first-hand knowledge. In addition, our market forecasting models allow us to pinpoint “should-cost” levels that you need to design your supply chain. We use our internal technologies and productivity tools to yield the results you need:

  • Proprietary market size and growth model
  • Cost estimation databases and “should-cost” models
  • Network design and optimization models


Growth inevitably leads to partnerships – both with customers and with suppliers – and BSI can help you conduct fact-based negotiations with strategic partners. Based on our experience and proprietary databases, our involvement is guaranteed to increase your bargaining power.

Our negotiation services includes the following services, each of which leverages our proprietary technologies:

  • Off-the-record market intelligence
  • Strategic sourcing and competitive bidding
  • Negotiation
  • Contracting
  • Contract administration
  • Compliance to national and international treaties and laws


BSI offers executive leadership services; application selection, integration and customization; interim resources, organizational design, and training. We bring the total package to you, including people and the tools they need to meet your goals. The combination ensure that you achieve competitive superiority by leading the pack in the deployment of technologies such as:

  • Smart grid
  • Battery technologies
  • Blockchain
  • Robotic automation
  • Geolocation, mapping, and tracking


BSI has the expertise, experience and credibility to be an effective advocate for you on matters of government policy, such as:

  • Carbon pricing
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions standards
  • Industrial Air Pollution Standards
  • Low-Carbon Fuel Standards
  • Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS)
  • Power Generation Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits

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