Law Firms

Owners, operators and service providers such as law firms engage BSI to serve as an advisor and expert witness.

Our dispute resolution services cover these major areas of competence:

  • Contract interpretation, contract administration, and contract dispute
  • Transfer pricing
  • Price manipulation
  • Monopoly pricing and market dominance
  • Procurement processes and best practices
  • Market economics
  • Logistics and transportation, including pipelines and terminals

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Claims management
  • Consulting expert
  • Testifying expert
  • Mediator

Our long, deep, peer-reviewed, and academically vetted history of published books and articles about value chain and procurement topics makes us a credible expert inside or outside the courtroom.



BSI brings exceptional credibility to legal contexts based on decades of publishing in highly-respected, peer-reviewed publications, teaching, and leadership roles in symposia, colloquia and conferences.

Here are two case studies of our work in dispute resolution.

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