Global Supply Chain Operations

BSI offers end-to-end value chain design services, encompassing Market Analysis, Cost Benchmarking and Estimating, Value Chain Engineering, Tender Design and Management, Contract Negotiation, and Project Management.


Understanding the outlook for key variables of a market, such as lead time, capacity, price, and market concentration, is critical to deciding the right partners, setting the right price, and targeting the right commercial goals. At BSI, we use our proprietary market modeling tool to generate data that you can count on.

Our model runs on thousands of external and internal data feeds, and contains 2 million interactive data elements such as supplier financial and operating data, sales, demand, purchases, imports and exports, cost breakdowns, cost trends, capital expenditure, net operating profit, gross margins, historical and forecast demand, costs, capacity utilization, prices, profit margins, and lead times.


BSI offers “should-cost” estimates based on our unique methodology, which is based on our global cost and price database that spands several decades, Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and the methodology we have developed and codified in our books and internal training materials. We verify and validate by benchmarking, and by “fitting” the cost of major components to the specific engineering requirements of each project based on our proprietary “price cubes.”

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For buyers, effective supply chain management should make operations more agile and less costly. BSI has literally “written the book” on methods and techniques to reduce cost and improve quality simultaneously by acting on the end-to-end supply chain. For suppliers, value chain design should result in delighted customers, marketing flexibility, and enhanced innovation and speed to market.

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A thorough negotiating strategy can make the difference between an agreement that falls apart and a long-lasting and profitable relationship. BSI assists buyers and suppliers in negotiating thorough and comprehensive win-win agreements that survive the duration of the contract term and into multiple renewals.

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New supply chains involve close coordination with likely suppliers, which requires new platforms for transacting. Blockchain has become a favorite platform for secure multiparty transactions. BSI is deeply experienced in data architecture and governance, both for government and for private commercial trading networks, and has designed platforms that are successfully operating today. 

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