Scientific Research Case Study: Stranded Gas Processing Technologies

Some in-place gaseous hydrocarbons contain high levels of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, and are consequently non-saleable.

Leveraging our track record of analyzing complex technologies and our ability to evaluate technical challenges from a business perspective, BSIinvestigated approaches to local (in the oil or gas field) processing and economic recovery.

For one client, our multi-disciplinary team of reservoir engineers, chemists, and energy economists:

  • Scanned emerging technologies that could be integrated with conventional gas treatment process such as the Claus process
  • Identified non-cryogenic process routes for gas processing separation of contaminant gases
  • Assessed the viability of gas-fed electric, heat and power generation technologies capable of operating on sub-quality natural gas

Similarly, residual oil, incorrectly angled solar, and tangential wind power represent unrealized commercial opportunities.

How can we help you unlock the potential of stranded gas, residual oil, and off-peak power?

BSI Works For:

National Oil & Gas Companies such as Saudi Aramco, PDVSA, CNPC, and Gazprom
International Oil & Gas Companies such as BP, Total, and Novatek

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