Energy producers have unique supply chain requirements, based on uniquely capital intensive equipment, highly engineered systems, long lead times, high cost of downtime, and intense regulatory oversight. In addition, long capital investment cycles require extensive forward planning and decision-making under uncertain future conditions.

Using its deep reputation for managing complex supply chain challenges, BSI facilitates the coming together of producers and their vendors in relationships that are built on trust, and trust that is built on proven performance and fact-based analysis. We offer four core solutions: Market Insight, Local Supplier Selection and Development, Negotiations Support, and Supply Chain Alignment.

Supply Chain Economic Impact Studies

BSI is the source for supply chain economics, having pioneered many of the analytical and economic methods in the early 2000s. We have used our actual experience with sourcing and supply chain optimization projects to develop accurate coefficients and multipliers for modeling the value chain impacts of investment, sales, and pricing scenarios.

We have also developed supply chain taxonomies that have been used in policy-making to quantify the impact of policy scenarios on different types of companies. Our expert policy analysis team uses these constructs to provide sound and compelling policy advice to governments worldwide.

Supply chain Economics

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Economic and Fiscal Impact Studies
economic impact

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BSI leverages its proprietary economic models and frameworks to advise Ministries of Finance, Ministries of Economy, Ministries of Industry, and other governmental agencies in the formulation of national and sectoral tax, subsidy, and investment promotion policies. Our broad experience across all aspects of industrial value chains, combined with our strength in economic analysis, provides clients with robust and trustworthy roadmaps for growth.

Examples of our Economic and Fiscal Studies projects are:

  • Carbon Tax Impact Studies
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Policy Studies
  • Industrial Air Pollution Standards
  • Low-Carbon Fuel Standards
  • Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS)
  • Power Generation Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credit Analysis
  • Analysis of Tradeable Energy Certificates

Value Chain Engineering

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For buyers, effective supply chain management should make operations more agile and less costly. BSI has literally “written the book” on methods and techniques to reduce cost and improve quality simultaneously by acting on the end-to-end supply chain.

For suppliers, value chain design should result in delighted customers, marketing flexibility, and enhanced innovation and speed to market. Classic operations improvement can reduce cost without sacrificing service, reduce inventory without sacrificing service levels, and reduce fixed cost by planning and scheduling work to avoid bottlenecks, today’s supply chain leaders are tailoring their supply chain management processes and systems to their business strategies, and achieving dramatic results. Suppliers seeking to develop an effective supply chain strategy turn to Boston Strategies International for supply chain strategy, capital investment evaluation, and market entry & exit strategies.

Cost Estimating

BSI offers Major Capital Project (MCP) cost estimates based on Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and benchmarks. We verify and validate by benchmarking the projects against similar projects, and by “fitting” the cost of major components (such as hydrocracking reactors) to the specific engineering requirements (often size, material, and pressure) of each project based on our proprietary “price cubes.” We also factor in EPC profit margins and contingencies to provide a complete picture.

We also provide cost benchmarks and analyses for engineered as well as standard components, which are based on our deep technical knowledge in complex products and services such as Rotating equipment, Static equipment, Chemicals, and Drilling, as well as our databases of materials costs for major factor inputs such as metals, various types of labor, and energy.


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Tender Design and Management

Major capital projects, especially those on a larger scale than have been realized in the past, necessarily involve close coordination with likely suppliers, which complicates bidding and rules out the conventional approach of sending a full package of specifications to numerous bidders and choosing the lowest bid (or the next-to-lowest). The process involves dialogue and pre-qualification, and may even require suppliers to develop proprietary technology before price is discussed.

BSI assists operators and other stakeholders such as banks, regulatory agencies, and EPC firms, in:

  • Supplier prequalification
  • Technology selection, including migration path of platforms and models
  • Development of tendering procedures to ensure legality, fairness, sound ethics, and the optimal price, including establishing a protocol for buyer-supplier interaction


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Supply Contract Negotiations

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A thorough negotiating strategy can make the difference between an agreement that falls apart and a long-lasting and profitable relationship. BSI assists buyers and suppliers in negotiating thorough and comprehensive win-win agreements that survive the duration of the contract term and into multiple renewals.

During the preparation of negotiating strategy phase, we provide external benchmarks, objective company-specific analysis, and challenging but realistic cost, productivity, and process improvement targets. We also apply unique and proprietary risk models to determine the optimal contract term, the optimal supplier split, and the optimal geographic production split over time.

During actual face-to-face negotiations, we bring experience and credibility to the table on your behalf.

Overall, engaging BSI for negotiation support blends world-class technical product and service knowledge,  economic expertise, and proven negotiating talent to achieve measurable results.

Custom Market Analytics

Supply managers make assumptions about the future of supply markets every time they contract with suppliers, or choose not to. Understanding the outlook for key variables of a capital equipment supply market, such as lead time, capacity, price, and market competitiveness, is critical to deciding the right price and contract term, yet few companies have a market intelligence process or reliable data. Even fewer agree on the right way to use this information if it exists. Boston Strategies International’s supply market analyses highlight:

  • Quarterly and yearly projections of demand, capacity, lead times, and prices
  • Five year outlooks
  • Coverage of suppliers in markets such as China, India, and Eastern Europe
  • Market shares, concentration ratios, and other indicators of competitive intensity

Boston Strategies International’s research leverages our proprietary models and frameworks that have been built and maintained by our world-class economists, and blends that quantitative information with primary research to produce a granularity of information that far surpasses what is available through major subscription research firms or other consulting firms.

Custom market analytics

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Sales Agent and Brand Promotion Services
sales representation

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Fast-growing energy demand requires buyers and developers to establish extensive supply chains worldwide in order to meet government investment and growth goals during the current and projected energy boom. However, they often face insufficient local skills and quality to do the job in-country. BSI’s Sales Agent solution accelerates foreign market access.

BSI offers two services to support your global growth:

1. Sales Representation
2. Branding Promotion

Organizational Design, Development and Training
Supply chain management is about managing information and deploying assets flexibly with the end-customer in mind. People are the enabler, and the movement of information is as important as the movement of goods or services. Yet, to most people coming from the functions that make up the supply chain, “supply chain management” is so broad a concept that it is often ill-defined and inadequate as a basis for organizational development. When companies want clarity and usefulness in developing their supply chain skills, they turn to Boston Strategies International.
Supply Chain

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Dispute Resolution Services

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Owners, operators and service providers such as law firms, investment banks, and private equity firms engage BSI to serve as an advisor and expert witness.

Our dispute resolution services cover these major areas of competence:

  • Contract interpretation, contract administration, and contract dispute
  • Monopoly and monopsony pricing
  • Market dominance
  • Procurement processes and best practices
  • Supply market economics
  • Price manipulation
  • Logistics and transportation, including pipeline transport

The OGP Network
OGN Network

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The purpose of OGPnetwork is to accelerate the procurement process for oil, gas and power generation projects in rapidly growing countries such as Bahrain, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia and Saudi Arabia, where it can be a challenge to find local providers of equipment and field services. The network currently features thousands of suppliers servicing oil, gas and power generation companies globally. The OGPnetwork also offers users the option to receive relevant tenders by email and get notified about new suppliers in their respective country/region.

The OGPnetwork provides buyers with independent ratings, customized company profiles and market analyses, leading to 10 times faster access to overseas partners compared to traditional sourcing, sales and purely internet-based channels.


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