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Project Plan 10059

Using the frameworks and benchmarks in BSI’s 26 years of experience in management consulting and its extensive research library (including the firm’s own two books, The Guide to Supply Chain Management and Optimal Supply Chain Management in Oil, Gas and Power Generation), BSI provides you with a work plan for accessing the next level of performance. Whether you end up doing the performance improvement project internally or externally, BSI sets you off in the right direction. The Project Plan provides you with:

  • A clear articulation of the optimal goal and objective for the initiative
  • A scope that fits the problem, your stage of development, your business's breadth, and your available resources
  • The most effective methodology, approach, and data sources
  • Quantification of the benefits that should be realized, including the benchmark performance improvement that your peers have realized from similar initiatives
  • Itemization of interim and final work products that you need to generate in order to keep the project on track
  • Realistic timetable, with milestone dates
  • Description of the staffing that will be needed to achieve the project's goals
  • Project organization structure and preferred skill sets of the key team members

Note: Price is based a project of average complexity, and asssumes no travel expenses will be required.

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