Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Market - Complete Report


Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Market - Complete Report 10741

The complete report gives you discount of 25% and includes the sections:

1. How to Use This Report
2. Stats & Summary Findings
3. Demand Section
4. Cost & Prices Section
5. Suppliers Section
6. Operations & Technology Section
7. Your Next Steps and Notes

How to Use This Report gives a basic overview and insight for the complete Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Market report. It consists of the Scope of the report, Notes, and the Abbreviations. It can be used as a complete reference for the various report sections.

BSI evaluates technological innovations by the benefit that they create for buyers/users. Many suppliers portray product line extensions or new models as new technologies.

However, from our perspective, any new technology must link to a financial benefit, for example lower cost, higher throughput (=revenue), or better asset utilization.

We try to quantify the benefit to the extent possible, and the higher the benefit, the more significant is the technology.

To establish a baseline for demand, on which to apply growth rates, BSI calculates demand in a Base Year, in this case 2010, both top down and bottom up.

The calculation of demand for the base year relies on a triangulation of our in-house subject matter experts’ knowledge, third party reports, primary research, and secondary research.

Industry Experts: Our in-house leading industry experts have intimate knowledge of the size and composition for each market, gaining their insights on overall market size, as well as category revenues by supplier.

Primary Research: We interview buyers and suppliers in each category of equipment.

Secondary Research: From our extensive library of specialized industry trade publications, news releases, and research papers, we reconcile information on absolute demand, supplier revenues, demand composition, and other factors that are important to the industry’s competitive dynamics.

Cost Structure Methodology

We establish category cost structures using a composite of data from our subject matter experts.

The cost structures are specific to the reference product.

Cost Forecast Methodology

We forecast costs for the category using proprietary BSI indices for each component of the cost structure. For PV Systems, we have mentioned the most important of these indices in rank order.

The dominance of China in the global solar PV market is reflected in the presence of Chinese in the top global PV suppliers. In Latin America, Mexico has been the bright spot for investment in renewable and in particular solar power projects. China has been aggressively investing in renewable energy projects in Latin America.

Effective supply chain management is crucial for solar utility projects. David Jacoby’s book, The Guide to Supply Chain Management, proposes nine ways to reduce cost through more effective supply chain management. It also proposes eight ways to increase reliability through more effective supply chain management.

To make effective use of the work that has been produced in this study, we recommend that you evaluate and consider taking one or more of the following action steps mentioned in this section.

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