PV Inverters Market - Demand Section


PV Inverters Market - Demand Section 10749

To establish a baseline for demand, on which to apply growth rates, BSI calculates demand in a Base Year, in this case 2005, both top down and bottom up.

The calculation of demand for the base year relies on a triangulation of our in-house subject matter experts’ knowledge, third party reports, primary research, and secondary research.

Industry Experts: Our in-house leading industry experts have intimate knowledge of the size and composition for each market, gaining their insights on overall market size, as well as category revenues by supplier.

Primary Research: We interview buyers and suppliers in each category of equipment.

Secondary Research: From our extensive library of specialized industry trade publications, news releases, and research papers, we reconcile information on absolute demand, supplier revenues, demand composition, and other factors that are important to the industry’s competitive dynamics.

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