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Fast-growing energy demand requires buyers and developers to establish extensive supply chains worldwide in order to meet government investment and growth goals during the current and projected energy boom. However, they often face insufficient local skills and quality to do the job in-country. BSI’s Sales Agent solution accelerates foreign market access.

BSI offers two services to support your global growth:

1. Sales Representation
2. Branding Promotion


The accelerating pace of globalization has led to an unprecedented opportunity for highly qualified engineered equipment suppliers, industrial companies, and specialist service providers worldwide to win new business with oil companies, electric utilities, wind energy companies, and the tender boards and foreign investment agencies that are funding capital expansion projects.

To facilitate the matching, BSI offers Sales Agency services to help you enter new markets. The bundled solution includes:

  • Market Sizing Study that is tailored to your product/service and geography
  • Advice on How to Improve Your Value Proposition and Sales Pitch
  • One-Year Agency Agreement that gives you legal/incorporation status, business address in the your target geography, promotional branding, and the leverage of BSI’s strong reputation and rich network of potential customers in your target market segment and geographical area.
  • Company Names of High-Potential Target Customers and Partners, compiled from a filtering of BSI’s global contact database to identify the relevant executives who would be interested in learning about buying from, or partnering with, your company
  • Customized Email and Phone Solicitation Campaign covering thousands of executives at companies in the target countries or regions
  • Meetings and Conference Calls with concerned individuals in each interested company, including follow-up call(s) to gauge their level of interest in, the proposition
  • Negotiating Adcive and Analysis to help you conclude contracts

In addition to our core solutions, we offer these solutions for Oil and Gas clients:

  • INCREASED CHANCE OF SIGNING CONTRACTS than you would experience on your own.
  • REDUCED MARKETING AND INVESTMENT COSTS, compared to attacking the market without expert analysis and support. A thorough understanding of the potential customers and partners will allow you to pre-select the right targets, reducing marketing costs and speeding partnership agreements.

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For many years our firm has conducted an in-depth global supply chain benchmark study in which diverse companies respond from countries as widespread as Australia, Fiji, Germany, India, Italy, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, and the United States. Winners are evaluated based on their demonstrated supply chain processes and performance on nine Dimensions: Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Organization, Demand and Capacity Planning, Procurement, Production, Maintenance and Engineering, Logistics and Materials Management, Information Systems, Performance Feedback and Management.

Recent award winners include:

PTT Group (Thailand)

PTT Group (Thailand). PTT Group won the award based on its successful use of simulation software to raise output at its Gas Separation Plant No. 6 in Rayong, Thailand. The firm implemented software from Aspen Technology, increasing efficiency at the plant’s ethane recovery unit and raising overall output from 95% of design capacity to 106%. The increase in output raised the plant’s profitability by $60,000 per day. Click here for a press release.

Elliott Group (USA-Japan)

Elliott Group (USA-Japan). Elliott Group won the award based on its improved delivery time and increased productivity for custom turbomachinery parts. The firm rationalized its supply base, standardized raw material specifications, and eliminated manufacturing process bottlenecks, cutting delivery time from 20 weeks to 1-2 weeks, and raising annual parts production capacity by 300%.Click here for a press release.

Geoforce (USA)

Geoforce (USA). Geoforce won the award based on its ability to reduce third party equipment costs and nonproductive downtime through the use of its equipment tracking service. The firm tracks equipment electronically through its rugged GPS devices and web-based software, eliminating time spent looking for assets such as frac tanks and baskets, as well as the need to hold safety stock of these items. One customer in the refining industry estimates that using this service will allow it to reduce third party equipment costs by more than 20%, as well as cut downtime. Click here for a press release.

GE Oil & Gas.

 GE Oil & Gas. GE Oil & Gas won the award based on its success in offering oilfield solutions that increase electrical efficiency and system reliability, notably through the recent acquisition of Converteam, Wellstream Holdings, and John Wood Group’s Well Support Division. By providing solutions that allow operators of compression and pipeline systems to use electric instead of diesel power, VFDs instead of fixed speed motors, energy-efficient motors, and automation and process controls, along with the ability to maintain the system, GE Oil & Gas has helped lower operating and maintenance costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Click here for a press release.

Motiva Enterprises LLC

MotivaMotiva Enterprises LLC won the award based on its success in building an industry-leading biofuel (ethanol)distribution network. The supply chain that Motiva has built – including rail and marine terminals, segregation and blending infrastructure, and export facilities – along with the partnerships that Motiva has formed – with ethanol producers, Class 1 and short line railroads, terminal operators, and industry peers, allows the company to handle ethanol for other major oil companies and fuel ethanol suppliers at a lower cost and with more flexibility than if each company used its own facilities, which is helping the industry comply with Renewable Fuel Standard regulatory requirements. Click here for a press release.

Freudenberg Oil & Gas

Freudenberg Oil & GasFreudenberg Oil and Gas won for its emergency overhaul of dry gas seals for Agip KCO, operator of the Kashagan project, by rapidly deploying engineers, tools, and parts from EagleBurgmann in Russia to avoid international shipping and customs complications and delays that would have been incurred if Freudenberg had shipped the units to Germany. The move prevented downtime that would have cost tens of millions of dollars, according to Freudenberg’s estimates. Click here for a press release.


Shell. Shell won based on its high-performing standardization program, which allowed it to reduce purchase prices by 30% for valves, cut variety by 50%, through use of its extensive Materials and Equipment Standards and Code (MESC) catalog. The catalog, which is based on ISO and IEC standards to ensure interoperability, integrates 370 Design and Engineering Practices (DEPs) that standardize tools and facilities, reducing recurring engineering and design work and consolidating spend on standard items. In addition to reducing purchase cost, the practice also reduces delays due to supplier confusion and costs related to unnecessary rework. Continuous feedback from users and participation from external standards bodies keeps specifications up to date. Shell more than doubled the number of DEPS between 2000 and 2010, and is aiming for a DEP age of 3.5 years. Click here for the press release.

Chevron Corporation (USA)

Chevron. Chevron Corporation (USA) won for its effectiveness in extending its internal Lean Six Sigma techniques to its suppliers. The first pilot project in 1999 reduced operating costs at a California water treatment plant by 30%. Lean Sigma, which officially started as a grass roots initiative in year 2000, validated financial benefit of $250 million in 2008, $400 million in 2009 and is projected to exceed $500m in 2010. Hundreds of projects across the US, UK, Angola, and Indonesia contributed to the achievement. An internal consulting group led by Stephen Turnipseed helps facilitate the Chevron businesses in starting and maturing their programs.  As the SBU programs mature, Chevron actively engages its suppliers and contractors in improvement projects and in development of similar continuous improvement programs. Click here for the press release.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes. Baker Hughes won the award based on its supply chain transformation strategy and year-one achievements: the group has publicly declared $100m in volume adjusted cost reduction per year for the next three years.  The roots of the savings trace to supplier categorization and rationalization, strategic sourcing designed to shorten the chain and dramatic improvements in lean manufacturing in their “go-forward” manufacturing facilities.  The company created a global supply chain and manufacturing organization in April, 2009, and appointed Arthur Soucy, formerly Pratt & Whitney’s VP of Global Supply Chain, to run it. Click here for the press release.

Qatar Fuel (Qatar)

Qatar Fuel (Qatar). Qatar Fuel won the Overall Supply Chain Excellence award based on its superior stock accuracy, delivery responsiveness and cycle time, uptime, manufacturing yield, return on net assets, and cost per order. Click here for press release.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (India)

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (India). Bharat Petroleum won the Supply Chain Synchronization award based on its superior Order Accuracy, Inventory Management, and Asset Productivity. Click here for press release.

FMC Kongsberg Subsea (Norway)

FMC Kongsberg Subsea (Norway). FMC won the Supply Chain Synchronization award based on its superior Supplier Management, Order Fulfillment Reliability, and Overall Asset Productivity. Click here for press release.
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Scroll down to see pictures of one of the Awards Ceremonies, in which the winners received their awards at luxurious five-star hotels such as the Dusit Thani Hotel in Dubai.

Oil Company includes: Upstream (Exploration For Crude Oil and Natural Gas; Drilling, Completing, and Equipping Wells; and Processing such as Separation, Emulsion Breaking, Desilting, and Field Petroleum Gathering, including Shale Plays and Oil Sands); Midstream (Storage, Transloading, Pipeline, and Tanker Operation); and Downstream (Production Of Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel and Other Distillate Fuel Oils, Residual Fuel Oils, and Lubricants).

Equipment Provider includes: Drilling Equipment, Piping, Valves, Vessel and Internals, Pumps, Compressors, Mixers and Agitators, Drivers, Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation, Electrical Equipment, Furnace and Boiler Tubes, Insulation and Refractories, Paints and Coatings, Materials Handling, Tools, and related equipment.

Service Provider includes: Bulk Storage, Transloading, Pipeline Operation, Vessel Chartering, Offshore and Onshore Construction & Installation, Seismic Services, Offshore and Onshore Rig Operation, Drilling and Directional Drilling, Pressure Pumping and Cementing, Well Fracturing & Stimulation, Fluid Services, Marine Services, Inspection, Testing, Compression Services, and related services


  • Industry: Specialty Mineral Processing
  • Key Challenge: Client needed world-class cost and quality, combined with regional and local field service support: a solution involving multiple partners.
  • Why BSI was Selected: Experience with supplier integration
  • Project Scope: Four operating companies in the US
  • Project Approach: Supplier rating and qualification, value engineering, standardization of specifications, bidding and negotiation, inventory rationalization, system integration
  • Operational Benefits: New sources of minerals and chemicals, more reliable shipping times.
  • Financial Benefits: Reduced cost by 8%

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Petroleum Pride

LOGae Magazine reports on Boston Strategies International’s 2010 Oil and Gas Supply Chain Awards.

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Good Better Best

In everything we do we try hard to achieve excellence, and we are usually quite proud of our results. Yet no matter how much we work at something, our first attempt is usually only “good.” If we try harder, longer, and smarter, we can usually do “better.” Once in awhile, if we try as hard as we can and show great patience and respect for our subject, we can achieve “best.” This same story applies to our jobs in supply chain management.

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Supplier Development: More Than a Good Idea

Sometimes suppliers have solutions that exceed the needs of most of their customers, and all the buyer needs to do is sign on the dotted line. Often, however, buyers’ needs are more advanced than the supply market or buyers have more customized needs than available solutions can satisfy. In these cases, buyers must develop suppliers and their solutions to meet their requirements. Boston Strategies International’s annual supply chain awards help to identify and acknowledge excellent supplier performance and outstanding examples of collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

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Aligning Goals for Supply Chain Success

Superlative supply chain performance is directly tied to the alignment of goals and objectives up and down the value chain. The tighter the linkage, the more performance the supply chain delivers. Knowing the key leverage points and what targets to set is critical to long-term success.

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Focusing on the Right Suppliers

Companies have been consolidating their supplier base for more than 15 years. But, if you think they’re done tightening that core group, guess again. Some have chosen that emphasis in order to leverage the purchasing power of multiple new acquisitions; others are using it to restore or increase profitability to acceptable levels following the recent recessionary period. Regardless of the cause, the trend is hard to ignore.

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The New Economics of Partnering

Most companies have re-engineered their supplier relationships with through joint initiatives like consolidated distribution and collaborative new product development. How much opportunity is left for supply chain synergy?

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