Investment & Business Development

Fast-growing clean energy demand requires worldwide partnerships in order to keep up with investment and growth goals. However, finding and connecting with the right partners can be difficult. BSI’s sales and venture capital (VC) brokerage services accelerate your access to the right partners by leveraging our network of relationships.

BSI offers two services to support your global growth:

  1. VC Funding
  2. Sales Representation Services


BSI funding brokerage services offer the following bundled solution:

  • Market Study that is tailored to your product/service and geography
  • Coaching on How to Improve Your Value Proposition, Business Plan, and Sales Pitch
  • Meetings with potential partners
  • Negotiating Advice with supporting analysis to help you conclude funding rounds and partnership agreements.


  • Market Sizing that is tailored to your product/service and geography
  • Advice on How to Improve Your Value Proposition and Sales Pitch
  • Names of High-Potential Target Customers and Partners, compiled from a filtering of BSI’s global contact database to identify the relevant executives who would be interested in learning about buying from, or partnering with, your company
  • Customized Solicitation Campaign covering companies in the target countries or regions
  • Meetings with concerned individuals in each interested company, including follow-up call(s) to gauge their level of interest in, the proposition
  • Negotiating Advice and Analysis to help you conclude contracts