Some companies, such as energy producers, have unique supply chain requirements, based on uniquely capital intensive equipment, highly engineered systems, long lead times, high cost of downtime, and intense regulatory oversight. In addition, long capital investment cycles require extensive forward planning and decision-making under uncertain future conditions.

Using our deep reputation for managing complex supply chain challenges, BSI facilitates the coming together of producers and their vendors in relationships that are built on trust, and trust that is built on proven performance and fact-based analysis. We offer four core solutions: Value Chain Strategies, Trade & Economic Policy Analysis, Supply Chain Management, and Contract Compliance & Legal Services.


BSI is the leading source for analysis of the economic and fiscal impact of energy policies such as:

  • Carbon pricing
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions standards
  • Industrial Air Pollution Standards
  • Low-Carbon Fuel Standards
  • Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS)
  • Power Generation Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits
  • Analysis of Tradeable Energy Certificates


Boston Strategies International’s strategic planning engagements help suppliers identify and pursue lucrative markets that are aligned with their core strengths. Our services include:

  • Value Chain Strategies
  • M&A Advisory & Due Diligence
  • Venture Capital
  • Project Finance


Boston Strategies International offers Project Management Consulting (PMC) services to energy and industrial projects. Our end-to-end project management assures thorough, accurate and reliable project management, assuring on-time and on-budget project execution. We also offer Major Capital Project (MCP) cost estimates based on Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and benchmarks. We verify and validate by benchmarking the projects against similar projects, and by “fitting” the cost of major components (such as hydrocracking reactors) to the specific engineering requirements (often size, material, and pressure) of each project based on our proprietary “price cubes.” We also factor in EPC profit margins and contingencies to provide a complete picture. We also provide cost benchmarks and analyses for engineered as well as standard components, which are based on our deep technical knowledge in complex products and services such as Rotating equipment, Static equipment, Chemicals, and Drilling, as well as our databases of materials costs for major factor inputs such as metals, various types of labor, and energy.


Owners, operators and service providers such as law firms, investment banks, and private equity firms engage BSI to serve as an advisor and expert witness.

Our dispute resolution services cover these major areas of competence:

  • Contract interpretation, contract administration, and contract dispute
  • Monopoly and monopsony pricing
  • Market dominance
  • Procurement processes and best practices
  • Supply market economics
  • Price manipulation
  • Logistics and transportation, including pipeline transport



The best way to learn is through experience, and the best training is “experiential,” meaning that it is interactive and simulates a real-world situation. When it comes to learning about Forecasting and Demand Planning, Sales and Operations Planning, Inventory Management, and Production Scheduling, there is no substitute for learning “on the job.” The best tool around for quick team learning on these topics is an interactive and fun exercise that was developed at MIT in the 1960s. In a two-hour session, participants learn first-hand about “bullwhip effect” and how to deal with it to make supply chains more efficient. Even those with 20 or more years of experience are surprised at how much they learn during the brief exercise and say that the exercise has fundamentally crystallized and heightened their understanding of their jobs. BSI offers customized sessions of “the beer game” for corporate groups from four to 45 people at a time. There is no advance preparation required. It can be done onsite and, if desired, coordinated with other activities such as retreats and workshops.


The purpose of OGPnetwork is to accelerate the procurement process for oil, gas and power generation projects in rapidly growing countries such as Bahrain, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia and Saudi Arabia, where it can be a challenge to find local providers of equipment and field services. The network currently features thousands of suppliers servicing oil, gas and power generation companies globally. The OGPnetwork also offers users the option to receive relevant tenders by email and get notified about new suppliers in their respective country/region.

The OGPnetwork provides buyers with independent ratings, customized company profiles and market analyses, leading to 10 times faster access to overseas partners compared to traditional sourcing, sales and purely internet-based channels.

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