BSI expands to include Capital Project Management

BSI offers end-to-end capital budgeting and capital project management, encompassing Cost Benchmarking and Estimating, Value Chain Engineering, Tender Design and Management, Contract Negotiation, Ongoing Capital Project Market Analysis & Monitoring, and Project Management.


BSI offers Major Capital Project (MCP) cost estimates based on Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and benchmarks. We verify and validate by benchmarking the projects against similar projects, and by “fitting” the cost of major components (such as hydrocracking reactors) to the specific engineering requirements of each project based on our proprietary “price cubes.” Learn More


For buyers, effective supply chain management should make operations more agile and less costly. BSI has literally “written the book” on methods and techniques to reduce cost and improve quality simultaneously by acting on the end-to-end supply chain. For suppliers, value chain design should result in delighted customers, marketing flexibility, and enhanced innovation and speed to market. Learn More


Boston Strategies International offers Project Management Consulting (PMC) services to energy and industrial projects. Our end-to-end project management assures thorough, accurate and reliable project management, assuring on-time and on-budget project execution. Learn More


Major capital projects, especially those on a larger scale than have been realized in the past, necessarily involve close coordination with likely suppliers, which complicates bidding and rules out the conventional approach of sending a full package of specifications to numerous bidders and choosing the lowest bid. The process involves dialogue and pre-qualification. Learn More


A thorough negotiating strategy can make the difference between an agreement that falls apart and a long-lasting and profitable relationship. BSI assists buyers and suppliers in negotiating thorough and comprehensive win-win agreements that survive the duration of the contract term and into multiple renewals. Learn More


Supply managers make assumptions about the future of supply markets every time they contract with suppliers, or choose not to. Understanding the outlook for key variables of a capital equipment supply market, such as lead time, capacity, price, and market competitiveness, is critical to deciding the right price and contract term.  Learn More

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BSI Announces Publication of Landmark Book on Global Trade Policy

BSI President David Jacoby has written another thought-provoking book: 
Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization.
The book, which provides a roadmap for mature industrialized countries to participate in balanced growth. The book:
  • Explains the reasons behind current populist trends around the world.
  • Identifies the challenges and failures of globalization.
  • Profiles countries that have developed under different trade frameworks.
  • Assesses models of isolationism and protectionism.
  • Delivers a policy prescription for a new global trade order.

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“Globalization is the most contested topic of our time. Jacoby tees up the right questions, and his analysis and conclusions about trade and globalization are insightful, important, and timely.”
Dr. Mauro F. GuillénDirector of The Lauder Institute and Professor of Management at The Wharton School

“The scenarios, which are interesting and present some polar positions of where the world could go, emphasize important policy decisions which could have major consequences for the US’s place in the world and its economic prospects.” 
Scott Livermore
COO, Oxford Economics

“David Jacoby’s experience in international business and his insights into the politics and social realities of trade make this book credible and interesting. His assessment of the future role of multilateral trade institutions and regional trade agreements makes sense, and with proper negotiation and implementation, the “new multilateralism” that he outlines can create sustained and balanced economic growth.”
Dr. Oliver Massmann
General Director of Duane Morris LLC

“Jacoby’s analysis of the differing East and West trade experiences rings true based on my 21 years in China. This book offers an intelligent discussion on a new approach to global trade.”
Mike Silva
President of Maison Global

This book skillfully ties together today’s headline economic and trade issues with complex political and social challenges. Jacoby’s analysis of today’s globalization puzzles leads to a clearly presented vision for a prosperous new trade paradigm that can drive sustained global growth. He demonstrates convincingly how investments in infrastructure, education and technology, combined with cost-effective health care and public policies can benefit knowledge-based economies in a global setting.” 
Dan Hodge
Principal of Hodge Economic Consulting

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BSI Expands to Include Compliance Solutions 

BSI is pleased to announce that we have expanded our offering to include software solutions for ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements, including REACH, RoHS, Chemicals Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights, Conflict Minerals, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption.

We now offer compliance solutions and expert witness services in the following areas:

  • REACH, RoHS, and Chemicals Reporting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights, Conflict Minerals, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
  • Contract development, interpretation, administration
  • Pricing, market dominance and antitrust

Our turn-key software solutions for managing ongoing compliance programs include:

    • REACH
    • RoHS
    • Chemicals Reporting
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Human Rights
    • Conflict Minerals
    • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

    Our legal expert services include:

    • Consulting expert
    • Testifying expert
    • Mediator

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    BSI Expands Regulatory Impact Analysis Consulting to Include Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

    BSI is pleased to announce that we have expanded our Regulatory Impact Analysis service line to include reliable environmental and social impact assessments that improve the effectiveness of stakeholder Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) analysis and communications. Our net positive analysis demonstrates the costs and benefits of environmental decisions to provide a transparent picture of performance for investors and shareholders. Learn more about our ESG Data Solution.

    For decades, BSI has leveraged its proprietary economic models and frameworks to advise Departments and Ministries of Finance, Economy, Industry, and related governmental agencies in the formulation of national and sectoral energy, tax, subsidy, and investment promotion policies. Our experience across all aspects of industrial value chains, combined with our strength in economic analysis, provides clients with robust and trustworthy roadmaps for growth.

    BSI is also a leading source for analysis of the economic and fiscal impact of energy policies such as carbon pricing, GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions standards, industrial air pollution standards, low-carbon fuel standards, Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS), power generation efficiency, renewable energy tax credits, and tradeable energy certificates. As a Gold member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we are active in building organizational capacity for Environmental, Social & Governance goals across private and public sector institutions.

    BSI pioneered the field of supply chain economics, having developed many of the analytical and economic methods in the early 2000s. We have used our actual experience with sourcing and supply chain optimization projects to develop accurate coefficients and multipliers for modeling the value chain impacts of investment, sales, and pricing scenarios.

    We have also developed supply chain taxonomies that have been used in policy-making to quantify the impact of policy scenarios on different types of companies. Our expert policy analysis team uses these constructs to provide sound and compelling policy advice to governments worldwide.


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    BSI Expands to Include Equity and Debt Financing Services

    BSI has recently expanded its offering to include services related to Private Equity, Debt & Project Financing, and Venture Capital. BSI’s new Portfolio Management and Financing services now include:

    • M&A Advisory & Due Diligence
    • Private Equity Services
    • Debt & Project Finance
    • Venture Capital

    M&A Advisory & Due Diligence

    BSI is a trusted adviser on merger & acquisition strategies, due diligence, and negotiations. We maximize valuation by identifying and negotiating the optimal joint venture and alliance partnerships. For example, we are assisting a Bahraini financial institution form a joint venture with a Chinese manufacturer, and a Chinese government agency form a joint venture with an American organization in China.


    Private Equity Advisory Services

    BSI now offers Private Equity advisory services. We are working on transactions such as:

    • $150 million for a high-technology electric vehicle component manufacturer
    • $100 million for a metal fabrication plant in China
    • $100 million for a windfarm + Solar + LNG CHP company in China

    Debt & Project Finance Advisory Services

    BSI now offers Debt & Project Financing services. Sample transactions include:

    • $500 million for an LNG pipeline
    • $150 million for a high-technology manufacturing zone
    • $100 million for a solar park
    • $65 million for a hydropower project
    • $40 million for a windfarm

    Venture Capital Advisory Services

    BSI now offers Venture Capital Advisory services, which include deals such as a $15 million Series B round for a “smart farming” venture in China.

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    How to Ensure Your Suppliers’ Compliance to Corporate Social Responsibility Laws

    As I point out via personal anecdotes in my book From Bogota to Beijing: Development and Life After Globalization, slavery, corruption, and double (and triple) labor standards are commonplace around the world today. However, there are standards and regulations in place to keep companies and their supply chains compliant and mitigate risk.

    Are your suppliers compliant? To get the most out of your data and to ensure compliance, Boston Strategies International recommends Assent Compliance’s turnkey compliance and supply chain data services.

    Learn more about the Human Rights module
    Learn more about the Conflict Minerals module
    Learn more about the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption module


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    How to Audit Your Suppliers’ Compliance to REACH, RoHS, and Chemicals Reporting Requirements

    As I pointed out in my recent book The High Cost of Low Prices, governments are paying closer attention to environmental side-effects of international supply chains. REACH and RoHS are among the most far-reaching and well-known of these regulations.

    Are your suppliers compliant? To get the most out of your data and to ensure compliance, Boston Strategies International recommends Assent Compliance’s turnkey compliance and supply chain data services.

    Learn more about the REACH module
    Learn more about the RoHS module
    Learn more about the Chemicals Reporting module


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    Electrify Europe Conference and Exhibition in Vienna

    David Jacoby, President of BSI Energy Finance, will be speaking in Vienna on June 20th at the Electrify Europe conference and exhibition.

    Electrify Europe is the world’s first event dedicated to the convergence underway between the power generation and transmission & distribution sectors, driven by digitalization, decarbonization, decentralization and electrification.

    He will explain the role that venture capital, private equity, and mergers & acquisitions will play in redefining business models and reshaping the competitive landscape of power generation.

    He will be speaking alongside moderator Emmanouil Kakaras, Head of Department Innovation & New Products for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH, and Pete Davies, VP, Digital Engineering Solutions for Uniper.

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    18th Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in San Diego

    David Jacoby will be addressing the opening plenary session of the 18th Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in San Diego on June 4th. His address, Navigating the Landscape of Structuring Partnership Agreements, will provide examples of merger, acquisition, and alliance agreement structures that balance risk and reward for all parties.

    Venture capital is an integral part of the development of new technologies. The Automotive Partnering Summit is designed for CEOs and CFOs interested in developing partnerships on the path to automotive commercialization, from sensors and software in autonomous cars to advanced battery packs and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The panel discussions will provide insight into what VCs look for in funding companies and strategies for business development and individual presentations will showcase the latest technologies from early-stage companies seeking funds. In addition to presentations and panel discussions, the symposium is also designed to provide opportunities for one-on-one meetings that will allow for in-depth conversations and next-steps.


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    Global Investors Annual Meeting 2018 in New York City

    David Jacoby, President of Boston Strategies International, will be attending the Global Investors Meeting in New York City on May 16th and 17th. The Global Investors Annual Meeting is a closed-door program that gathers the world’s leading fund managers, institutional allocators and private wealth investors currently investing and fundraising across the globe. This meeting offers a unique platform to learn from and alongside industry thought leaders.

    Panel sessions and Private meetings throughout both days will allow for deepening relationships, developing partnerships and fostering business. This two-day conference will host more than 400 leading managers, investors and other professionals to discuss investment opportunities and new trends in the market.

    To catch us at this event please drop us a line.

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