About Us

Boston Strategies International is a professional services firm that achieves breakthrough reductions in the cost of clean gas, oil, and renewable power supply chains through strategy formulation, capital investment and budgeting support, project management and organisation development, regulatory impact analysis, and legal expert services. We build ongoing project management competency and leadership by transferring our knowledge, analytical tools, and data to in-house staff during every engagement.

Our clients typically hire us in the following situations:

  • Legislative Reform: Regulators are evaluating or have already passed new legislation that impacts industry value chains and contracts, usually stemming from market liberalization, sectoral restructuring, or mandates such as local content or clean energy
  • Technologically Challenging Project: A project involves a methodology or a higher degree of technological reliability or durability than before, such as  thin film solar PV or installation in arctic or deepwater subsea conditions, entailing significantly higher costs and different suppliers
  • Rapidly Emerging Energy Solutions Provider: A high-growth solutions provider wants to partner or merge to improve market positioning and scale up.
  • Strategic Diversification: A company branches into a non-core energy business (e.g., a traditional energy company building windfarms, or an upstream company evaluating whether to build downstream facilities)
  • Mega-Capital Program: A mega-capital program involves larger investment than the company has undertaken in the past, raising complex and interrelated questions of capacity, price, and lead time, even with familiar types of services and equipment
  • Cost Over-Runs: A project has extensive cost over-runs, or is the subject of substantial claims, or has entered litigation

Our Services

Regulatory Economic Impact Analysis

BSI is the leading source for analysis of the economic and fiscal impact of energy policies such as Carbon taxation and carbon pricing, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions standards, Industrial Air Pollution Standards, Low-Carbon Fuel Standards, Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS), Power Generation Efficiency, Renewable Energy Tax Credits and Analysis of Tradeable Energy Certificates.

Investment & Business Development

Fast-growing clean energy demand requires worldwide partnerships in order to keep up with investment and growth goals. However, finding and connecting with the right partners can be difficult. BSI’s sales and venture capital (VC) brokerage services accelerate your access to the right partners by leveraging our network of relationships.

M&A Advisory

Boston Strategies International’s strategic planning engagements help suppliers identify and pursue lucrative markets that are aligned with their core strengths. Our process consists of four major steps: external analysis, internal analysis, formulation of strategic options, and implementation planning

Capital Budgeting & Project Management

BSI offers and end-to-end service in capital budgeting and capital project management, encompassing Cost Benchmarking and Estimating, Value Chain Engineering, Tender Design and Management, Contract Negotiation, and Ongoing Capital Project Market Analysis & Monitoring.

Organisation Development

BSI offers executive search; organization design and structure including job analysis, descriptions and Key Performance Indicators; certification courses; and workshops to help you build the capability you need to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

Legal Expert Services

Owners, operators & service providers such as law firms, investment banks, and private equity firms engage BSI to serve as an advisor and expert witness. Our legal expert services cover contract interpretation, contract administration, and contract dispute.

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