BSI’s Quality Management System enables us to produce consistent and high quality deliverables across countries and cultures, and over time.

Our Quality Management System ensures quality within projects, keeping them on track and providing the mechanisms to adapt to changing circumstances within project teams and structures. The system includes supporting documentation on, for example:

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    Quality Policy

    • Management Commitment to Superior Quality
    • Quality Planning and Objectives
    • Quality Organization
    • Resource Deployment
    • Quality Reviews

Quality Management

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    Project Management

    • Customer Orientation
    • Scope of Work Development
    • Proposal Writing and Project Execution Guidelines
    • Managing Scope Changes
    • Project Performance Evaluation

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    Management of Subcontractors

    • Evaluation of Vendors
    • Evaluation of Internal and External Work Product

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    Process Control

    • Staff Development
    • Staff Evaluation

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    Corrective Action

    • Quality Measurement and Management
    • Managing Customer Complaints