BSI facilitates strategic supply agreements that assure global quality and technology leadership while meeting local content requirements.

0percent profit margin improvement

0Percent cycle time compression

0Times Payback on Consulting Services

Energy Clients

  • National Oil & Gas Companies such as Saudi Aramco, PDVSA, CNPC, and Gazprom
  • International Oil & Gas Companies such as BP, Total, Novatek, and American Energy
  • Power Producers such as Vattenfall and Iberdrola
  • Suppliers such as Siemens (motors), BASF (chemicals), and Wood Group (turbine maintenance)

Trigger Points

  • Major capital projects failing to meet target rate of return
  • Market opening, reform or deregulation requires elevated procurement capability
  • New stringent technical requirements require evaluation of alternative technologies
  • Diversification into a related business with different supply market dynamics


  • Custom Market Analytics for Highly Engineered Products and Services
  • Contract Negotiations Support
  • Procurement Advisory and Training (esp. Tender Design and Management)
  • Strategic Value Chain Planning and Optimization
  • Process Improvement

Value Delivered

  • 50% cycle time compression
  • 20-30% profit margin improvement
  • 50-100+ times payback on consulting services


  • Headquarters in Boston (US)
  • Founded in 1998
  • Offices in USA, UAE, India, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Colombia, Iraq, Nigeria, and the UK

Core Solutions

Project Cost Baselining

An analytic solution at the Project level that helps buyers estimate the cost of high-value capital projects and custom engineered components such as offshore rigs, gas turbines, and catalytic refinery reactors.Learn more

Value Chain Engineering

A proven service that maximizes Return on Invested Capital at the Category level by exploiting lower-cost sources, alternative channels, substitute components, more cost-efficient design parameters, and optimized bundling and pricing schemes..Learn more

Tender Design and Management

A proven, 16-step program at the Category and Supplier level for ensuring market-based prices, with special attention to mitigating high bids from dominant suppliers and sole sources…Learn more

Supply Contract Negotiation

Hands-on negotiating at the Supplier and Contract level, supported by proprietary analytical tools and industry experience to reduce the cost of high-value equipment and services…Learn more

Other Services

Custom Market Analytics for Engineered Products and Services

A market intelligence solution that saves buyers money and helps them avoid costly mistakes by recommending timely procurement actions and technology strategies for industry-specific engineered products and services.

Establishment of Capital Equipment Supply Partnerships

A proven process that accelerates the alignment between world-class, proven suppliers, and buyers that need local content for major capital projects in markets worldwide.

Organization Design and Development

Training and development workshops and programs

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1432189514_pdfNote: Prior to May 2008 the company was named Boston Logistics Group.