Boston Strategies International is a consultancy that compresses the lead time and reduces cost for gas, oil, and power operators by up to 30% through value chain cost engineering, targeted strategic sourcing, and supply contract negotiation. We build ongoing procurement competency and leadership by transferring our knowledge, analytical tools, and data to in-house staff during every engagement.


Our clients typically hire us when major events stretch or exceed their internal capabilities, for example:

  • Cost Over-Runs: A project has extensive cost over-runs, or is the subject of substantial claims, or has entered litigation
  • Legislative Reform: Regulators are evaluating or have already passed new legislation that impacts industry value chains and contracts, usually stemming from market liberalization, sectoral restructuring, or mandates such as local content or clean energy
  • Mega-Capital Program: A mega-capital program involves larger investment than the company has undertaken in the past, raising complex and interrelated questions of capacity, price, and lead time, even with familiar types of services and equipment
  • Emerging National Energy Co.: A state-led company with relatively little previous experience in international contracting seeks to develop its internal procurement capability and supply market
  • Technically Challenging Project: A project involves a higher degree of technological reliability or durability than previously required, such as installation in arctic or deepwater subsea conditions, entailing significantly higher costs and different suppliers
  • Strategic Diversification: A company branches into a non-core energy business (e.g., a traditional energy company building windfarms, or an upstream company evaluating whether to build downstream facilities)


Our core services and solutions include:

Independent Project Cost Estimating

An analytic solution at the Project level that helps buyers estimate the cost of high-value capital projects and custom engineered components such as offshore rigs, gas turbines, and catalytic refinery reactors…Learn more

Value Chain Engineering

A proven service that maximizes Return on Invested Capital at the Category level by exploiting lower-cost sources, alternative channels, substitute components, more cost-efficient design parameters, and optimized bundling and pricing schemes…Learn more

Tender Design and Management

A proven, 16-step program at the Category and Supplier level for ensuring market-based prices, with special attention to mitigating high bids from dominant suppliers and sole sources…Learn more

Supply Contract Negotiation

Hands-on negotiating at the Supplier and Contract level, supported by proprietary analytical tools and industry experience to reduce the cost of high-value equipment and services…Learn more

Additional services include:

Custom Market Analytics for Engineered Products and Services

A market intelligence solution that saves buyers money and helps them avoid costly mistakes by recommending timely procurement actions and technology strategies for industry-specific engineered products and services.

Sales Agent and Brand Promotion Services

A proven process that accelerates the alignment between world-class, proven suppliers, and buyers that need local content for major capital projects in markets worldwide.

Organization Design and Development

Training and development workshops and programs

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